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2019 Australian Grand Prix Trackside Guide

After a long winter break, F1 is back! Here’s your guide to everything that is happening at Albert Park this weekend, including the full on-track schedule for the 2019 Australian Grand Prix.

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Trackside Entertainment

Australia may not have the A-list concerts of Singapore, COTA or Abu Dhabi, but there’s no shortage of things to see and do at the track. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • F1 Fan Zone: check out static and interactive displays, get your F1 merchandise and see what’s happening on the stage, which hosts autograph signing sessions (F1 drivers on Thursday) and interviews.
  • Heineken Village: grab a cold beer and watch some music on the big stage. Also featuring M-Lane, with food trucks and street art.
  • Legends Lane: stunt displays, innovation and technology hub, displays of historic cars and the support paddock for Formula 4 and the Ferrari Challenge.
  • F1 Central: Renault zone, global barista challenge, parent facilities and merchandise.
  • Supercars Central: check out the paddock for the hugely popular Supercars series
  • Aerial Displays: the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) and Royal Australian Navy will be staging demonstrations and flypasts at various times throughout the weekend. Get ready for a big shock if you are not expecting the F/A-18 to be making an appearance!

Melbourne Walk

The thoroughfare connecting the VIP Carpark and the Formula 1 Paddock (check the map) is known as the Melbourne Walk. It’s one of the best places to get F1 driver autographs and selfies at Albert Park, and Official Ticket Packages include one day of VIP Access. Get there early, or try and catch your favourite driver as they head home at the end of the day.

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On-Track Action

Official Ticket Packages at the Australian Grand Prix include a full four days of on-track action, including plenty of Supercars racing – Australia’s premier touring car category is hugely competitive and a big draw at Albert Park. Other on-track action in Australia includes Formula 4 open-wheelers, Australian GT Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup Australia and the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo. There will also be several demonstrations of road cars featuring Ferrari, Lamborghini and various historic vehicles.

Thursday, 14 March

Gates Open   09:45
Australian Formula 4 Championship Practice Session 09:55-10:15
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Practice Session 1 11:15-11:40
Australian GT Championship Qualifying Session 1 11:50-12:10
 Porsche Carrera Cup Practice Session 12:20-12:40
Supercars Melbourne 400 Practice Session 1 12:50-13:20
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Practice Session 2  13:30-13:55
Australian Formula 4 Championship Qualifying Session 14:30-14:50
Supercars Melbourne 400 Practice Session 2 15:00-15:30
Australian GT Championship Qualifying Session 2 15:40-16:00
Porsche Carrera Cup Qualifying Session 16:10-16:30
Supercars Melbourne 400 Qualifying Session Part 1 + 2 16:40-17:10
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Practice Session 3 17:20-17:45
Australian GT Championship Race 1 18:25-18:50
Porsche Carrera Cup Race 1 19:05-19:30
Gates Close   20:00


Friday, 15 March

 Gates Open   09:15
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Qualifying Session 09:35-10:00
Australian GT Championship Race 2 10:15-10:40
Australian Formula 4 Championship Race 1 10:55-11:15
Formula 1 Free Practice 1 12:00-13:30
Supercars Melbourne 400 Qualifying Session Part 3 + 4 13:50-14:20
Porsche Carrera Cup Race 2 14:55-15:20
Formula 1 Free Practice 2 16:00-17:30
Supercars Melbourne 400 Race 1
F1 Two Seater Demonstration Laps 19:00-19:35
Gates Close   20:00


Saturday, 16 March

Gates Open   09:45
Australian GT Championship Race 3 09:55-10:20
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Race 1 10:45-11:10
Ferrari Road Car Parade Demonstration 11:20-11:40
Australian Formula 4 Championship Race 2 11:50-12:10
Lamborghini Parade Demonstration 12:20-12:35
Supercars Melbourne 400 Race 2 12:50-13:20
Formula 1 Free Practice 3 14:00-15:00
Porsche Carrera Cup Race 3 15:20-15:45
F/A-18 Jet Display Demonstration 16:40-16:50
Formula 1 Qualifying Session 17:00-18:00
Supercars Melbourne 400 Race 3 18:30-19:30
Gates Close   20:00


Sunday, 17 March

 Gates Open   09:45
Historic Parade Demonstration 09:55-10:15
Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Race 2 10:30-10:55
Australian GT Championship Race 4 11:40-12:05
Australian Formula 4 Championship Race 3 12:20-12:40
Porsche Carrera Cup Race 4 12:55-13:20
Supercars Melbourne 400 Race 4 13:35-14:05
Formula 1 Drivers Introduction & Photograph 14:15-14:30
Formula 1 Drivers' Track Parade 14:30-15:00
F/A-18 Jet Display Air Display 15:10-15:20
Formula 1 2019 Australian Grand Prix 16:10-18:10
Gates Close   20:00


Useful Information

  • Click here to download a detail circuit map
  • Tune in to trackside radio on 99.7FM
  • Download the official “F1 Grand Prix” app for IOS / Android to access lots of useful information about attending the Australian Grand Prix, including the full on-track schedule, track map, transport info and details of trackside entertainment


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