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Where to watch the action at the 2020 Australian Grand Prix

The F1 Experiences guide to the best trackside vantage points at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix on 12-15 March.

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Like many of the most popular races on the current Formula 1 calendar (Canada, Italy and Mexico), the Australian Grand Prix is staged in a city park. Although the Albert Park circuit itself is temporary, you’ll benefit from watching the race in a pleasant park atmosphere, complete with grassy areas, shady trees and established walkways. On the downside however, there's very little natural elevation, so most of the views are obscured by the high catch fencing. The best days to get out and explore the general admission areas at Albert Park are on Thursday and Friday, before the big crowds descend for qualifying and the race.

Here’s our recommended places to watch the action at Albert Park.

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Turns 1 & 2

The opening two corners are the best place to watch the first lap of the race, and you’ll have a better than even chance of seeing some overtaking and other action over the course of the weekend. This is also where the cars rejoin the circuit after pitstops. The best place to watch the action here is in the Brabham Grandstand, on the inside of the track. The Champions Club by F1 Experiences is located in the Brabham Skybox at the top of the grandstand, offering some of the best views in Melbourne. Champions Club guests are also treated to all-day hospitality with gourmet meals and an open bar, plus special guest appearances (1980 World Champion Alan Jones stopped by in 2018) and a guided tour of the Formula 1 Paddock. Secure your Champions Club Ticket Package for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix.

view from Fangio Grandstand F1 Experiences Australian Grand Prix

Start-Finish Straight

Although the chances of seeing race-winning moves on the track are slim, the grandstands on the Start-Finish straight do put you in the heart of the weekend’s action. You’ll be able to watch the lead up to the race, start, pitstops and podium celebrations from the comfort of your seat! You’ll also be close to the best off-track food and drink in the F1 Village right behind the grandstand. Hero Ticket Packages for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix include a 3-day seat in the Fangio Grandstand on the Start-Finish Straight. Other benefits include an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour, F1 Insider Access and a Paddock Club Reception with a current or legendary F1 driver!

view from Prost Grandstand Australian Grand Prix F1 Experiences

Turns 15 & 16

Turn 15 is the slowest corner at Albert Park, great for taking some close-up photos of the cars in action. It’s followed quickly by Turn 16, which needs to be taken well to ensure a good run down the main Start-Finish Straight. Several good viewing areas are clustered around the final two corners at Albert Park. Starter Ticket Packages include a 3-day seat in the popular Schumacher Grandstand, while Trophy Ticket Packages include a 3-day seat in the Prost Grandstand. Both packages include exciting extras such as an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour, photo opportunity on the F1 podium and a Paddock Club Reception with a current or legendary driver.

view from Formula 1 Paddock Club at Australian Grand Prix F1 Experiences 

Formula 1 Paddock Club

Be in the heart of the action with privileged viewing right above the pits! The Formula 1 Paddock Club offer includes open bars serving wine and champagne, mid-morning tea and pastries, gourmet luncheons with fine wines,  daily pit lane walks, driving tours of the track and guest appearances by current F1 drivers! Get Friday access to the Paddock Club with a Premier Ticket Package. Weekend access for 2 or 3 days is also available with Paddock Club and Legend Ticket Packages.


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