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Adventures In Budapest: A Guide To The Hungarian GP

Located on the banks of the Danube river, Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, embodies the colorful hills of Buda and the businesslike boulevards of Pest. The city wasn’t officially created until 1873 when the two towns of Buda and Pest were united. Since then, this cultural city has become a home for politics, science, shopping and adventure in the heart of Hungary. Outward of Budapest, everywhere else in the nation is just known as vidék, or “the country”.

Food Trucks to Fine Dining

budapest-2386626_960_720.jpgAs a popular tourist city, Budapest has embraced the food truck craze and now the trucks are popping up everywhere in the city for tourists to grab a quick bite to eat during their strolls of the city. Some of the top trucks to hunt down are Zing Burger and BITE. Zing Burger claims they were the start of Budapest’s food truck scene, but they also have a finger-licking-good burger menu for tourists and late-night foodies alike. BITE differs from traditional food trucks in that they are a bakery food truck. They have innovative bakery items such as pretzels with fun fillings and breakfast items like omelette wraps. These food trucks are a must for quick eating on the go.

If you’re looking for more fine dining, Kéhli is a laid-back Hungarian tavern with huge servings and friendly service. Their traditional Hungarian meals like lecsó and hot pot with marrow bone and toast are a great comfort on a cooler Budapest day. Gundel is another great restaurant in Budapest to visit. It’s known to be one of the most celebrated restaurants in the city. It originally opened in 1894 and was renovated by Hungarian-American restaurateur George Lang. It’s gorgeous location in the City Park allows for grand views in the dining room and includes a 10-piece gypsy band for live entertainment. They serve excellent classics such as goose liver pâté and their own famous Gundel pancakes. Finding amazing food while in Budapest is never a hard task to accomplish.

Views on the DanubeTour_ships_on_the_Danube.jpg

Like many cities that are divided by a river, Budapest boasts gorgeous views not only of the river itself, but from the river looking into the city from a fresh perspective. Budapest has an abundance of different river cruises to choose from to view the city from a new angle. Some companies offer morning rides further up the river to look at other small towns, or just hop on for a quick 70-minute ride to see Budapest from the river. There are evening dinner and party cruises if you are looking to cap off your evening with a new set of friends on the river. Prices for these cruises vary depending on what level of cruise you are looking to embark upon.

History and Hidden Adventures

Throughout Budapest there are many museums, gardens, boardwalks and more to adventure around to learn about the history of Budapest, or to find a new souvenir to take home to a loved one. The Királyi Palota (Royal Palace) grounds originally held a palace built for the kings of Hungary in the 13th century. Following a cycle of demolishing and building new structures, the grounds are now the Budapesti Töorténeti Múzeum, which displays some of the city's most poignant history. If you are looking to go shopping, you can stroll through the Gozsdu Udvar to find courtyards filled with bars, cafes, little shops and on the weekends the courtyard hosts a market for local vendors.

Budapest_Gellert_baths_01.jpgThroughout the city there are small, interesting locations to visit to learn even more about the history of Budapest or ways to explore the city from a new perspective. The Gellért Thermal Baths are one of the historic spas in the city that were built in 1927, and now boasts hot tub spa treatments, outdoor swimming pool and more. Another interesting spot to visit is the Budavári Labirintus (Labyrinth of Buda Castle) because of its spooky nature and mystical feel as you walk through the space that was originally used a wine cellar and then as an air-raid shelter. The museum is best to visit at nightfall when the winding corridors are illuminated by oil lamps and wax figures line the walls as the attendants of a “haunted” masked ball held in the tunnels by the Black Count many years ago. You can find fun activities like these throughout Budapest to make any afternoon or evening exciting as you explore the city. 

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