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2017 Canadian Grand Prix: Discovering Montréal’s Hidden Gems

Seen as a mixture of two worlds, Montréal encompasses new world glamour with old world history. During your visit for to the 2017 Grand Prix du Canada, visiting the city of Montréal is a great way to spend your off-time. A city of 1.6 million people, Montréal has over 8.4 million visitors a year plunge themselves into the food, fun, and festivities of the Canadian lifestyle. With Circuit Gilles Villeneuve across from the St. Lawrence River, your F1® Experience will include speed and an immersion of Canadian culture.

Known for speaking French and English equally, Montréal gives its visitors a chance to practice both languages in their expansive tourist stops. With restaurants to answer any palate and shopping to entice any fashion-lover, the city can meet all your needs for a trip to the city. We’ve listed out some of the best places to visit, eat, and shop while touring this City of Saints.

Food in the MTL

Sugar ShacksMaple_syrup_popsicle_(6974621697).jpg

Canadians love their maple syrup, it’s not a secret. When visiting Montréal, we recommend finding a sugar shack to enjoy a full course of the sappy goodness. Everything from a large stack of pancakes, to delicate pies and alcoholic beverages are infused with maple syrup tapped directly from the source. The wildest item on the menus are the tire sur la neige. These popsicles are made from fresh maple taffy being poured onto a bed of snow and then rolled around a popsicle stick. It’s even rumored that some places do it with an entire hockey stick.

French Cuisine

Known for eateries of every kind, the French-inspired restaurants in Montréal are plentiful. If you are looking for a night to splurge during your visit, Le Club Chasse & Pêche embodies the hunting and fishing theme with dark brown leather chairs and a weekly-changing menu centered on wild-caught game and seafood.  For a French bistro, visiting L’Express is a must. Opened for over 30 years, this bistro is so popular they don’t even have a sign. With a menu of classic dishes and an expert brunch, stopping by L’Express is easily added to your touring schedule.

Shopping in Montréal


Underground City

Originally built to keep shoppers from having to venture out in the brutal winters of Canada, the Underground City is a fully-formed city developed underneath Montreal’s street level. The pathways connect small mall areas, offices, schools, hotels,concert halls and more. The city’s metro system is also included into the network. Known to locals as the RÉSO (for réseau, French word for network) this Underground City is a top destination to explore for a shopping trip or a quick bite to eat.

Local Stops

Enjoy shopping like a local by stopping in for leather goods at m0851, or picking up a book in Argo Bookshop. Both known for their roots in the city, Argo Bookshop opened in the 1960’s and is the oldest English-language bookstore in Montréal. The topics range from philosophy, religion, children’s, science-fiction and everything in-between. After selecting a book, stroll down Boulevard de Maisonneuve O to visit one of m0851 shops to find your next leather purse, jacket, or wallet. As a brand known for attracting free thinkers and spirits, their leather goods are still produced locally in their Montréal workshops. Running parallel to Boulevard de Maisonneuve O is Rue Sainte-Catherine O, which also boasts plenty shops and restaurants for travelers to explore during their stay in Montréal.

Places to See in Montréal

Old Montreal

Where the original city of Montréal was born, Old Montréal is a neighborhood rich in history, covered in cobblestones and is home to notable sites such as Marché Bonsecours, the Vieux-Port, Basilique Notre-Dame and the Hôtel de Ville. Enjoy Vieux-Montréal at a leisurely pace, dropping into different shops and restaurants, or visit a bar for quick-talkers and energetic atmospheres.

Museums and Gardens


In a city filled with history and gardens, finding a place to stroll is easily accomplished. The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to start in the heart of the city to see art from Rembrandt, Picasso and Monet, but also to delight in the artwork of Canadians such as Jean-Baptise Roy-Audy, the Group of Seven, and a rolling list of temporary exhibits. Montréal is also home to the third largest botanical garden in the world, Jardin Botanique. With over 20 themed gardens, the 75-acre garden includes tens of thousands of species of plants strategically places to bloom in stages for a beautiful view year-round.


Secure Your Access Today

During your stay in Montréal for the Grand Prix du Canada, you will be left with memories of the French cuisine and your luggage will be filled with items from shopping along the Rue Sainte-Catherine O. While exploring Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, you’ll be treated to Paddock Club parties, getting a driving tour of the track, and pit lane walks. Arrange your experience in Montréal and at the Grand Prix du Canada by contacting your F1® Experience sales representative today! 

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